Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Patriotic Stories...

 - Malcolm X
Selamat Hari Malaysia everyone. At long last, this day will be celebrated after the whole light was shone on 31st August. 

TV was full of history documentary and clips about how we are  here today. Yeah, fine, but too much make-up on the story makes me wanna gag. (Nasib baik dah raya, kalau tak mesti batal puasa).

Of all people, TV3 decided to feature our Rosly Dhoby. From ur local school u will know that he was a Melanau Warrior (yes Wikipedia, He is Melanau, not Malay. Please correct ur article) who fight for our independence from err.. the orang putih yang jahat. This guy is only dead for about 50 years and his history is already being distorted like used ketupat leaves. Even a lot of ppl can't accept that he is not Malay. Oh why? Non-Malay is not patriotic? Now I'm waiting for this same ppl write about Rentap being a Malay and convert to Islam because he heard azan di antara bedilan meriam di Bt Sadok. ;)

He (Rosly Dhoby) was not fighting for our version of independence folks!! Quote " Rosly Dhoby berjuang menuntut kemerdekaan Sarawak daripada British". Errkk? Sound familiar? We are being fed by this mantra for so long that we start hallucinate that this is literally true. Selepas berakhirnya Perang Dunia Kedua, Rajah Vyner Brooke berhasrat untuk menyerahkan Sarawak kepada pemerintahan British.  Salah satu sebab pada ketika itu adalah keluarga Brooke menghadapi masalah kewangan dan tidak mampu membangunkan semula Sarawak selepas perang. Lagipun pada ketika itu jiran berdekatan iaitu Tanah Melayu berada di bawah pemerintahan British. Tetapi hasrat ini ditentang oleh Rajah Muda Anthony Brooke. So, Anthony Brooke led this opposition and Rosly Dhoby (actually Rukun 13) was with him. So there u had it ppl. Rosly Dhoby was not fighting to get the Sarawak for Sarawak native. They are fighting against British crown and if they succeed, we will get additional negeri beraja - Rajah Brooke. ;). 

Now you ppl will ask me, so what, he fight against British the penjajah kan? Yes, but don't gloss the story sampai more icing than cake. Sama macam pergaduhan di Perak btwn Sultan Abdullah dan Sultan Idris berebutkan takhta. Sultan Idris berjaya dengan mendapatkan bantuan British. Sultan Abdullah, Dato' Maharajalela et al rebelious bukannya untuk melepaskan bumi Tanah Melayu dari dijajah, tetapi mendapatkan semula kuasa di Perak. Peranan Sultan Idris membawa masuk kuasa British terus tenggelam dalam sejarah (mana ada dalam text book?). Dan Dato' Maharajalela menikam JWW Birch semasa mandi di Sg Perak sudah dicanang-canang sebagai khusus ke arah kemerdekaan. Sharing the same method (killing British) but towards a different target ( one to assist Anthony Brooke, one to assist Sultan Abdullah) can't be considered the same war. 

I wish history will be teached in a more honest way. Admit the weaknesses of the past and vow not to repeat that rather than gloss over some fight that was not as it was told. 


  1. Salam,Welcome to this remote blogging world, mrs thinker. Nice piece by the way, where did you learn all that? So much history that had been twisted and lost in the days of mankind..but nevertheless, we must never forget that one of the law of the universe is that information can never be desroyed.

  2. Zen Non,

    Thank you. Taaaaddaa!! you've won an Award : First Comment In Lara's Blog!!!!
    I am one of those girls who believe that history shud be told as it is, so that we can learn from our past and stop kidding ourself. That Rosly Dhoby info is a common knowledge in Sarawak, lots of people from that era still live to tell the stories (agreed with ur point : information can never be destroyed completely). My Cikgu Fizik told me that one thing that cannot be destroyed is energy. haha